Do you find it hard to meet mature women online? You’re probably looking the wrong way!

Until recently, online dating in Malaysia was exclusively available for younger people. The mainstream dating apps have set their sights on immature teenagers that don’t have anything to do in their lives and for the most part don’t know what they want. If you ever managed to bump into an older woman that was able to speak like an adult, you were starting to suspect that someone is messing with you.

Let me tell you what probably happened when you started using these apps. You actually did find some matches, but these little girls were denying any chance for a real date, even for something as simple as having a cup of coffee together! Others fail to even respond to your messages after 5 minutes. There is a chance that you were blaming yourself for all that. That you do or say something that they don’t like. That, in the end, you don’t have online dating “in you”. Well, you’re wrong! You just didn’t know where to look. These apps don’t have any sense of control over who uses them and practically anyone can make a profile. That’s why there are a lot of frauds and fake profiles.


This toxic environment eventually pushed every single 40 year old woman that was looking for a real man out of these apps. Let’s be real, no mature woman would ever try to seriously use an app like Tinder for example. So, where are all these women? Did they just give up on online dating? Of course not! The majority has found a new home on this new dating site that targets exclusively women above 35 years old and the men that want to date them. We in TopDatingSitesNow tried it and to put it mildly WE WERE IN SHOCK! It’s a whole different dating experience from what you’ve been accustomed to.

Academic Singles: Find mature 40-somethings that want to spice up their lives!

Academic Singles is basically a paradise if you are one of the hundred guys that are impressed by the beauty and confidence of a really mature woman! It’s your best choice if you want to try a dating site that has a 100% free registration (and an extremely detailed personality test that is also completely FREE).


I can assure you that you will find EXTREMELY good-looking women in Academic Singles. And as its name suggests, most of them tend to be well-educated and know exactly what they want from a guy. Why do you think that a 40-year-old woman would join a dating site like Academic Singles? It’s really simple. They are looking for a man that knows what he’s doing and can finally get them out of their routine. Can you be that kind of guy? There’s only one way to know!

The even better part of Academic Singles is how their members are located around Malaysia. In most dating sites, no one uses them outside Kuala Lumpur, but in Academic Singles I 100% guarantee that you’ll find lots of women nearby, wherever you are!

Why should you choose Academic Singles over all the other dating sites: 

1. The male-female profile balance is unprecedented! It’s actually hard not to find a woman that likes you in Academic Singles. Even the creators of the page weren’t expecting such an unbelievable response from women in Malaysia!

  2. The amazing job being done by the site’s moderators for the verification of every profile. You can rest assured that the woman you were talking to just now is absolutely real and is eager to meet you.

  3. The incredibly good and detailed personality test that you get for FREE as soon as you register! This is just an added bonus to all of the above and when you get your results it’s really hard to believe that so much science has been put to work for a dating site.

So don’t waste any more time, now is the moment to finally meet a real, mature woman. Go on and register for free in Academic Singles and experience, AT LAST, a true, honest, and serious conversation on a dating site! A test drive is the only way to find out if it’s worth it!

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